About us.

Founded in 2003, Preduce became the first Thai skateboard company.

In July 2006, our flagship store opened in Siam Square and it's become the home of Bangkok skate
and street cultures.

Establishing ourself as an authentic and innovative brand, Preduce has worked closely with local
and international designers, artists, filmers, photographers and musicians.

The skate team also gained recognition worldwide with the videos “Smooth” (2006) and
Sambai (2009) that once and for all put Thai skating on the map. We've since followed with
breakout videos "Chaiyo" (2012) and "Sawatdee" in 2014.

Preduce is distributed internationally, with a large range of products including
skateboard decks, hardware, and a full clothing line.
Check us out, wherever you are in the world.